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We at Total Tech Care 360 know how it important an efficient computer is. Many people rely on their computers for work, entertainment, and organization. This is why it can be devastating when a computer contracts a malware inflection. Although this may not destroy the computer completely like other viruses, a malware infection can cause a great deal of harm to a computer. All computer owners should be able to identify the signs that a computer has contracted a malware infection.

Computer is No Longer Working to Full Potential could be a sign of malware Infection.

There are a number of signs that computer owners should be on the lookout for when trying to identify a malware infection. One of the first is the efficiency of the computer. After contracting a malware infection, a computer will gradually begin to become slower and slower. Not only will the computer take a longer time to boot up, but the applications and features of the computer will also work at a slower pace.

Invasive Ads and Pop Ups are a sign of malware infection.

The internet is absolutely filled with annoying ads and pop ups. These digital distractions are usually just a nuisance, however, they can also be a sign of a malware infection. If the computer owner is not on the internet and starts to receive strange ads or pop ups, their computer very well may have a malware infection. At Total Tech Care 360, we advise everyone to avoid clicking on any of these pop ups. If possible, close them by pressing the “X” button of the window. If that doesn’t work, the computer owner can try force quitting out of the pop up or resetting the computer.

Malware Infection is most likely the reason your home page has mysteriously changed

The “home page” is the first page that appears after opening up the internet browser. Most computers owners will set their home page as a search engine or one of their favorite sites. If a computer is working properly, the home page will not change unless the user does so manually. However, if the home page mysteriously changes out of nowhere, there is a chance that the computer has contracted a malware infection.


Although it may not be fatal, malware infections can do a large amount of damage to a computer. Anyone whose computer has recently slowed down, began showing pop ups, or has had its home page mysteriously changed may be dealing with a malware infection. Although some are able to fix it themselves, we highly recommend that any infected computer is taken to the pros at Total Tech Care 360. We can use our experience and industry knowledge to have your computer fixed in no time at all.

Anyone who has a computer has probably heard about malware in one form or another. Most people recognize that it’s not a good thing. But you may not know exactly what it is. The term “malware” is a combination of the words “malicious software.” It comes in many forms, including viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other things.

Malware in a nutshell

Malware is developed by people who are called “black hat” developers. They will often sell their skills to the person who offers the highest amount of money. These highest bidders can be anyone from a criminal organization who are trying to get into the digital world or even government agencies who are looking for ways to access locked data. As mentioned, there are several different kinds of malware. Each of them functions in a different way. In the end, they will cause damage to a computer that can (hopefully) be repaired by a technician.


Computer viruses act very much like natural viruses and will attach to clean, healthy files and damage them. They can delete these files or corrupt them. Making a computer unable to run properly or damaging its core functionality.


This malware can disguise itself as something that is legitimate to cause software problems. Trojans are pretty discrete and will create a backdoor into a person’s computer security. If that happens then other malware can get in as well.


This issue was developed to spy on a person. It often runs in the background and records what a person does online. Including taking note of their credit card numbers, passwords, and how they use the internet.


If this malware gets on a computer, it will encrypt all your files and threaten to eradicate everything unless a ransom is paid to the malware’s owner to have it removed.


This isn’t necessarily malicious, but it can be annoying. This malware will often undermine the security that is in place on a computer. If that happens it can show the person various annoying ads. Adware can make it easier for other malware to get in, so it can lead to something malicious.

Protection against Malware

Protecting a computer against malware can involve installing antivirus or anti-malware software. Very good programs that we use to protect our customers are Panda Endpoint Protection Plus and Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security. Both are business class security programs that are much better than retail versions sold at local stores. Another thing to keep in mind is not clicking on strange links in emails or visiting websites that seem suspicious, this is a good way to keep a computer free of malware. Malware comes in different shapes and forms and removing it can be tricky and require a special knowledge and software. It can be more than annoying to have a computer infected with malware, it can result in personal information falling into the wrong hands. If your computer gets infected, our technicians at Total Tech Care 360 can diagnose and correct the problems for you.

Technology can be a beautiful thing. When it works properly, it allows people to access the world. They can easily and quickly find information. Connect with and talk to other people, create and increase productivity. When technology doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, it can be incredibly frustrating. If connecting to the internet is slow or if they can’t talk to their friends or family, it can make them angry. Thankfully, there are companies out there like Total Tech Care 360 that have the expertise to fix computer problems and make technology beautiful again. There are a variety of different computer problems you can experience, but some of the most common ones are those listed below.

Slow Computer

People live in a world where they are able to access information in a fraction of a second, and with shorter attention spans, this is important or it could lead to anger. If a computer is running slowly, this is a major problem. This issue can be caused by a couple of different things, including malware on the computer, too many items at start-up, or a build-up of too many temporary files. It could also be an indication that the hard drive has become fragmented or is beginning to fail. The RAM might be full, or it’s possible the computer is just old. Fixing any of these issues may require taking the computer to a professional at Total Tech Care 360 and having them diagnose and correct the problem.

Computer Problems with peripheral devices

Most people depend on the extra components attached to their computer to do their job. If any of these aren’t working properly, it can impede progress and lead to frustration. Issues with any of these components may be caused by problems with the driver or the ports. Getting them fixed could be a simple solution or it may be more complex.

Unexpected Restarts

This issue can be incredibly irritating. It’s really hard to get anything done if the computer randomly decides to restart on a whim. Causes for this occurring could be because of automatic update problems or adware, malware, or viruses on the computer. It could also be caused by motherboard, network card, or graphics card problems.

Slow Internet

Like a slow computer, taking too long to connect to the internet can send some people into a rage. This problem could be caused by an app running in the background that is consuming too much bandwidth or the hard drive could be failing. Finding the cause of and solution to computer problems could be simple or it might require a professional from Total Tech Care 360 examining the computer.

Many popular websites, especially social media platforms, collect data from its users to show them ads that are especially tailored to them. Most trusted websites try to keep scams, phishing sites, and possible data hackers at bay, but they can only control so much. Plenty of sketchy ads find their way to your feed every day. Because they’re using your specific interests to find options you may be interested in, scamming websites can mimic these and finagle their way into your line of vision. We will teach you some of the warning signs, but sometimes these can be tricky, so if you fall for one, call Total Tech Care 360 immediately for assistance.

Unprofessional Graphics as warning signs

If the banner, link, or ad that’s displaying on your screen has an unprofessional looking thumbnail representing it, then it’s probably best not to click on it. Legitimate ads will want to put their best foot forward. They’ll have a clear, crisp photo representing them, and it will just have a trusted feel to it. If your stomach drops a little before clicking on something, because you think it might not be safe, then follow your instinct. Don’t click! Scam sites tend to use blurry or pixelated images. They also opt for cheap looking computer animated graphics. If it looks like something you could make in 30 seconds on your own computer with no previous design experience, then it’s probably a scam. If it looks blurry enough to be an uploaded digital camera image from 2001, then it’s probably a scam. Be smart and look for those warning signs. If it looks wrong, it probably is wrong.

Website Legitimacy as warning signs

So you clicked on the ad anyway and now you’re on the webpage. How does it look? Here’s where you need to be very skeptical. Pay close attention to shipping and contact details. Make sure they have clear contact information, this means they should have a location listed, an email, and a phone number. Bonus points if they have social media links. Check out their stuff if they do. Look at how many followers they have, but don’t let that be the deciding factor as businesses often buy followers. Look at how many photos they have posted and how long the account has been active. To check this, look at the date on the first photo posted. If they don’t have very many photos, then it may not be legit. If they have a bunch of photos, but you can see that they were all posted this week, then it may not be legit.

Another way to check the site’s legitimacy is to pretend to check out. Look at your shipping options. If they don’t give you an estimated date of arrival, then it’s probably a scam. Most, if not all sites that offer shipping will give you an estimated time of arrival. They should also have some sort of return policy listed on the check out screen. Finally, look at the shipping rates. If they seem beyond standard, then once again, it’s probably a scam.

At Total Tech Care 360 we commit to help and assist you if you ever find yourself in a situation that you are not sure about an ad or a websites. Please feel free to reach out and one of our agents will gladly answer any questions. For more helpful reads visit our other posts: Click Here

The world is literally at your fingers. You can shop online for handmade items from across the world without even leaving your home. It’s very tempting to go on a shopping spree the moment your paycheck gets deposited, but if you don’t take precaution then you could fall victim to credit card theft or worse, identity fraud. There are ways to protect yourself from situations like these, but you can always call Total Tech Care 360 if you need extra support, and be sure to install anti-virus protection from Bitdefender or Panda Security.

Shop Online from Safe Websites?

It’s always recommended to shop online at familiar websites. These aren’t necessary websites that you frequent open and that are familiar to you, but websites that are affiliated with businesses that you know to exist. You may have never been to the website for Menards, but you know it exists, so when you go to order some light bulbs or wood planks, or whatever it is people buy from Menards, then you’ll know you’re safe. Watch out for misspellings in the site names and to make sure it’s a .com. Some sneaky hackers try to mimic popular sites to gain credit card information from unknowing individuals.

If you’re ever buying from a website that you’re not entirely sure of, then check to see if it’s SSL protected. SSL stands for secure sockets layer, and it essentially makes sure that all of your credit information is safe during transactions. Have you ever gone to a website and noticed a little golden padlock icon appear in the search bar next to the site’s name? This is because it has SSL installed. If you don’t see the lock,but you’re still not sure, then there’s another way to figure out if it’s at rusted site. If the website begins with HTTP:// then it’s not a trusted or secure site. All secure websites begin with HTTPS:// so you’ll know you’re at a legit location online.

Protect Yourself while you Shop Online

If a website is asking for your social security number or your birthday for you to finish your purchase, then beware. When have you ever gone shopping where the retailer asked you for your birthday? Well, maybe some kitschy retailers who want to send you discount codes on your birthday. But when have you ever gone shopping where the cashier asked you for your social security number? If it raises a red flag in person, it should definitely raise a red flag online.

Most credit cards have an option to set up an online protection. This means that if you ever have your credit card information stolen and money is taken from your account, they can close your card and return your money. Along with this, check your statements regularly so you can catch any fraudulent activity before it goes too far.

Total Tech Care 360 wishes you Happy Holidays and may every day of the new 2019 be filled with joy and happiness. 

Protect your data with Total Tech Care 360.

The season for giving is among all jolly, happy souls. When you’re in the spirit of giving, sometimes you may get a little wrapped up in all the amazing deals on the internet that you forget to protect your data. Unfortunately, this is also the time of the year that most data and information is stolen from online hacks. So, while you’re euphorically shopping away finding just the right gift for that special someone, there are malicious entities lurking in dark corners of the web, waiting for you to fall into their trap. Don’t be a target this year. Shop in confidence with malware and virus protection. However, if you do find yourself falling victim to such activity, call Total Tech Care 360 for expert guidance.

Protect Your Data with Bitdefender.

One of the best anti-virus and cyber security software on the market today is by Bitdefender. You don’t even have to worry about which websites are safe and which are not, because this software does all the worrying for you. In the past, cyber security used to be difficult to use and understand. Clearly developed by programmers for programmers. Bitdefender is revolutionizing the way people understand anti-virus software. They use easy to understand language, make installs and updates accessible and simple, and with a click of a button you’re protected. They even have an amazing traffic light feature that you can install that attaches itself to your preferred web browsers. It alerts you when you’re entering a malicious site, or if your data is running the risk of being compromised, so you can swerve and protect.

Protect Your Data with Panda Security.

Another promising anti-virus option is by Panda. This software also offers cyber security options from businesses to home users. It can protect you while you shop online, while you open up emails, and while you visit unfamiliar websites. It runs in the background while you go about your business, blocking any harmful threats that may attempt to infiltrate your computer. You can shop to your heart’s desire without the fear of being hacked or having any data stolen.

The internet is forever evolving, which means so are its users. While you’d like to assume everyone has as innocent intentions as you, it’s simply not true. You never know when a cyber attack may occur. Make sure you’re protected this holiday season. Stay away from unfamiliar websites, never give out your personal information, and above all, install some cyber security software. For computer assistance call Total Tech Care 360 for suggestions, guidance, and clarity.

How a computer support specialist can help?

There’s nothing that’s frustrating quite like a computer that seems to be running too slow, especially if you are in a rush or need to use a machine for work. There’s no single way to determine what exactly is wrong with your computer, but here are some of the things that computer support specialist checks when people say their machines are running slow.

In some cases, it’s not everything that’s slow, but certain things, like downloading. Generally, in this situation, it’s a good idea to try and run some type of testing to see what the download and upload speeds are compared to what your ISP offers. If the Internet itself isn’t a problem, make sure to check all the background programs that are running. Sometimes, these can be missed.

In other cases, computer support specialists take a look at your network hardware. For example, because of their infrequency, a lot of people miss when they need updates for their network cards, but these new drivers should be downloaded always. In some cases, it may be your router or modem that is acting up, and a reset will do the job.

In some cases, though, it can be the entire computer that’s running slow, and this can be due to a number of things. For example, technicians will check to make sure that it’s not just a case of your computer downloading Windows updates. Failing that, a number of different things may end up being the culprit, like outdated system drivers, viruses, adware, and even overheating. In the case of overheating, your computer may be making odd noises, and a computer support expert can simply clean the machine out for you.

Why use a computer support specialist?

Finally, you need to be careful when you download certain programs. There are a lot of programs out there that promise some sort of system utility but rarely offer it, and are adware. In general, a program that makes a generic promise like promising to clean your registry or speed up your computer is a bad idea. Your first asset should be a trustworthy anti-virus software, just make sure not to have several of them running at the same time. This can slow your computer also.

If you’re in the market for a computer support specialist, consider using Total Tech Care 360. We work to provide top customer service and knowledge, while also offering, parts and device security in one place. We also offer training to help teach you how to get more out of your technology and avoid some of the common pitfalls that lead to computers running slow.

Computer training can be both exciting and boring. Some people want information and are geared toward technology while others would just as soon toss their electronics out the window. We offer computer training for every personality type.

Engaging and concise, we gear our training toward your individual needs. We work with you to help you have an understanding of your hardware, software, how to navigate even the most complex operating systems, setting up your emails, sending emails, how to create, save or delete documents, how to safely use the Internet without risk of hackers, as well as how to maximize your programs and electronics.

Maybe you have more devices than you need, or perhaps there is a way to get your entire office or even your entire company on one platform, data sharing safely, email encryption, and more. Whatever your computer problems are, at Total Tech Care 360, our training options are designed to help you excel. Our technology team of experts bring extensive experience and Internet Technology services to meet you and guide you at a comfortable pace.

No matter what your education, your level of experience, or your goals, during out computer training programs we will work with you from a comfortable starting point and stay patiently with you until you feel you’ve sufficiently met your goals. We also have membership plans designed to assist you with training for your computer or any device and help you with your own basic maintenance as well as helping with any issues that crop up from time to time.

Our computer training programs are especially unique in that we not only work with you remotely, but we are able to access your devices and manually show you everything you need to know. Unlike online programs or institutions, we work one on one and we show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it while explaining in depth everything you need to gain a full understanding.

This type of hands on training is exceptional as well as efficient. We can help you decide the best email hosting for your needs, or best host for your server, the best technology investments or upgrades for your needs and desires, as well as help you discover what it is you actually need for your bigger picture goals for your personal or business endeavors. Even so far as what are the best ergonomic products.

Say for example you are a writer, working from home long hours at a time. We can help you find the best programs for your writing needs, as well as the best technology to sustain long hours of typing and sitting comfortably and safely to protect your personal health as well. No matter what your IT goals are, our creative team will help you achieve them.

Cyber scams are rising and criminals are getting smarter, so businesses need to be more vigilant than ever before to protect their IT assets. IT security shouldn’t just be an issue for management – staff at all levels need to be trained. This article explains how businesses can prepare their staff for inevitable scam attempts.

If employees know the basic rules of cyber protection, then businesses are minimizing their risk of whole systems being infected and the associated down time.

Employees can be targeted by email, and often don’t know that the message is a scam. Phishing tests have found that up to 90 percent of staff in large companies open scam messages without realizing. Staff needs to be aware of the signs of spam. Below are some signs that a message isn’t real for employers to share with staff. Employees should be informed that they should ignore messages like the ones below and report them to the IT department.

Mistakes in cyber scams

Although scam messages are becoming more sophisticated, they are often created by people who don’t have English as their first language. Because of this, grammatical errors are likely, and are a telltale sign of an email that’s not genuine. Because messages are often sent to thousands of recipients at once, other mistakes might include a gap where the person’s name should be, or the name in another font. People spotting an error should assume that the message isn’t legitimate.

Brand names used in cyber scams

Cyber criminals rely on the value people place in well-known brands, so pretend their emails are from companies that people know and trust, such as major banks. You know and trust. Your bank, for example. Employees should always question why an email from a company they use is coming into their work inbox, and check the hyperlink or the sender’s email address. In scam emails, these will be hidden. When they are un-hidden, they will show a random email or internet address which makes it clear that the message isn’t from the company it claims to be from.

Urgency utilized with cyber scams

Criminals urge people to take action by using language that makes them feel it’s important to act quickly. Words such as ‘urgent’ or ‘act now’ are common. The approach can make readers act before considering what might happen.

What can people do to avoid falling for cyber scams?

There are some simple ways that people can avoid an attack. Firstly, if people are asked for passwords or bank details, they should delete the message immediately and report it to IT. Secondly, people receiving a message that seems to be from a known business, they should get in touch with the company directly to check. People should never reply or click on any links. A third way to check the validity of a message is to paste the text into a search engine. There are websites that can check facts and confirm whether your message is illegitimate.

What else can businesses do?

Information security should be a key concern for businesses. As well as making sure staff are prepared for scams, businesses should make sure they have the relevant, up-to-date anti-virus software installed. Professional businesses such as Total Tech Care 360 can help with this and can perform risk assessments as well as diagnosing and repairing issues.

Businesses should assess risks regularly and implement procedures to manage risks. They should make sure staff are fully trained and competent in avoiding cyber crime. Data protection should also be a company-wide issue, understood by all employees, not just the management tiers. Looking after customer information and protecting sensitive data should be a priority.

The days of lighting our homes by candlelight are long gone and so are the days where online banking isn’t the norm. Seniors today may be resistant to learning new technology, but in today’s world, there are a few things they need to know how to do. If Grandma or Grandpa need computer support, they can always take a few training classes at Total Tech Care 360, where they can teach anyone about hardware, software, operating systems, documents, emails and so much more. 

Here are the 5 things seniors should learn about computers or find computer support.

 1 – What documents to open/not open

Even with adequate virus protection and spam filters, bad files still seem to get through. In their innocence, older folks may assume that everything that comes to their email is trusted and unknowingly open a virus. By teaching seniors what to look for and letting them know only to open files that come from a trusted source (like a friend), they can avoid the hardship that comes along with this.

 2 – What information to send

Similarly, seniors might not know about the latest scams that come through email right now. They should be taught to never send personal or financial information over the internet and how to recognize when they can input their credit card and other banking information.

 3 – How to troubleshoot internet problems

Internet problems will inevitably happen and this can be frustrating. By teaching the senior how to troubleshoot these issues, for example, by rebooting the modem or computer, they can feel more independent and not have to call someone in to help.

 4 – How to save a document

Seniors of all ages may need to do work on the computer and they should know how to properly save it. This lesson should include saving to the hard disk, but also to an external source, like an external hard drive or the cloud. This information will be invaluable when their computer’s disk starts to become full.

 5 – How to get help and computer support

Most importantly, when you need help or a problem occurs, you have to stay calm. Not only do the pros at Total Tech Care 360 can provide you with computer support they will also teach people of all ages about their computers, they also do troubleshooting and various computer repair. Leave their number by the computer so that in times of trouble, your senior can make a quick and easy phone call. As was discussed above, they will feel more independent and have less trouble asking for help for their computers if they have someone outside of the family unit to call.

Chances are that you probably have that person in your family or circle of friends who is a true tech wiz and will attempt and device or computer repair. They seem to be constantly using their technology for more and more valuable uses, are always buying cutting-edge items, and often putting together and fixing these things themselves when they need to. The big issue with this is a lot of people think they can do the same right off the bat, but fail to realize two main points:

  1. That tech expert you know probably took years to get to the confidence and skill level you’re seeing today.
  2. Getting to that point requires a lot of experimentation and trial-and-error.

The fact of the matter is that you wouldn’t expect to learn a language a month before you traveled to a foreign country, but if you’re a tech novice who wants to get into DIY computer repair and service, you’re most likely only hurting yourself. It’s a good idea to learn, but when you’re in a pinch, you want to leave issues to the professionals. Here’s why.

For the sake of clarity, we’re going to leave this conversation around computers. The thing you need to understand is that every machine is different. We’re talking about different ages, different brands, different operating systems. And this is just when your computer gets off the assembly line. If you’ve been using it for a while, there may be all types of different software or changes that have been made that can lead to problems. If you Google a DIY repair plan, there’s no guarantee that the solution you read matches your machine. Many people have gone to the effort of opening their machine up only to realize this.

Another thing to mention is that a lot of the time, you can’t afford to wait to learn how a repair works. For example, if you’re a remote worker, and have a computer problem that puts things out of commission, your earning power basically dropped to zero. Would you rather wait an extra week in this situation, or have a professional service take care of things so you can start working ASAP? The answer is clear.

By using a company like Total Tech Care 360 for all your computer repair needs, you’re not only guarding yourself against some of these bad outcomes, but you’re also giving yourself the piece of mind that you can go to a professional when you bump into a situation that you can’t fully understand. However, we also understand the importance of having some sort of mastery of technology. This is why we offer computer training that will put you in the position to make the most out of your machine.

It’s a bit ironic that a lot of people don’t look into a computer repair shop as much as they should. Think of it this way. The moment you take a car off the lot, you probably not only have an idea of what you need to do in terms of basic maintenance but also plan on either bringing it back to the dealership or to a local garage in terms of service. Why do people go to such efforts to do this? If you were to ask, you’d probably hear something around the lines of “because my car is important.” Yet people are willing to give much less planning to something like their smartphone or computer.

 This is a mistake, because even if you don’t work on your computer, chances are these days that you’re still reliant on it one way or the other, whether it’s for communication, entertainment, or just about any other reason. All the more reason to have a shop in mind you know you can go to when things go wrong.

How do you find such a good computer repair shop?

 There’s a lot of different ways you can do, but ideally, you’re going to want to try and get a recommendation from someone whose opinion you value. This can be a friend, family member, or a coworker. The key is you trust them and they know what you need your technology for. This last point is extremely important because different places may focus on different issues and pieces of technology. The last thing you want to do is bring your tablet to a store that only works on desktops.

 After finding some names that work on the item you need to be serviced, you can start looking at particulars like their hours and potential online reviews. The thing about online reviews is that they can be very subjective. Say someone neglects their machine to the point of no return, and it can’t be fixed. Is the professional really at fault in this case? You may not be able to tell from an angry review that first person leaves.

Why do you need a good computer repair shop?

 A computer repair shop is a great asset to have if you spend a lot of time on a computer or find that you are reliant on one for school or work. However, you may want to try and figure out a company that you can come to even if you don’t necessarily have a broken machine, but just a question or something you think can bloom into a potential issue. This is what we do at Total Tech Care 360, working to be your one-stop-shop by offering repair services as well as computer parts for sale and even training.

How Not To Lose it When You Have Computer Problems

In this digital age people are so reliant on their technology. Really, there are not many things that you do that doesn’t rely on some sort of technology. So, when that tech has an issue, it can really spell trouble for how your day will go. This is especially so when you work on a computer each day. If you have computer problems, you will feel frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed and just overall not happy. Here’s how not to lose it when you have computer problems.

 1 – Take a deep breath, computer problems happen.

 While your computer issue might seem like the end of the world, it isn’t. If that work doesn’t get done, it might cause you major hassle, but just remember, you are still alive and healthy and that you will get through this. Take some deep, calming breaths and approach this calming. The more frustrated you are, the less able you are to fix your computer problems.

 2 – Troubleshoot

 Start by looking around the computer to see if you can find a physical problem. It could be as simple as a loose wire or a blown fuse. See if you can Google the issue you are having. There are many forums online dedicated to software issues and their relevant disturbances in your life. Call a friend who knows about these things and see if they can help.

 3 – Take a walk

 If you are feeling more and more irritated by these technology problems, take a good, long walk. This will clear your mind, settle your nerves and may even have you solving the problem yourself. When you can get away from something, it is much easier to figure out a solution. Even if you don’t, you’ll have stepped away from your desk and can come back in productively to do what we recommend in step 4.

 4 – Enlist professional help

 Sometimes these problems can’t be fixed by your, your online search or your friend in IT. At that point it is best to call in the professionals.

 Total Tech Care 360 is a service provider you can trust will help you get through these computer troubles and keep you calm and get you back to work as soon as possible. Not only that, you’ll find that your problem will be gone – for good. You won’t get home and have everything seemed fixed for a few days, only for it to start acting up again. They fix it right the first time.

Calling in a tech support company is a great way to get your computer back in working order again if you’re having technical difficulties. Not everyone can be great with technology and that’s perfectly okay. Tech support companies have your back when your devices stop working the way they should.

Many people are very quick at deciding they need to get professional help, but deciding which company to contact is not as obvious. There are a few features that make one company stand out from the others.

Convenience of remote tech support

If you’re working at your desktop and the screen suddenly freezes, what do you do? You could make an appointment and go in to visit your local tech support business, or you could simply make a call and have the work done remotely instead. Many people are surprised when they realize how many problems with their computer can be fixed remotely. With remote services, a representative is able to get access to your laptop or computer from their own office and they can fix everything in front of your eyes without you having to leave your doorstep.

Companies that offer remote work such as Total Tech Care 360 are great because they give you the most convenience you could ask for.


Companies that have experienced personnel on board stand out above others. You know a company has the right staff when they have many great reviews and testimonials online. During the incidents when your computer breaks down, you cannot afford to waste any time. Calling experts who are highly skilled and experienced in tech repair is the smartest move to make because they will be able to resolve any problems you have with relative ease, saving you time and minimizing disruptions to your day.


If you want your device to be repaired in the fastest time possible, then you need to ensure that you are getting great communication from the service you are hiring. Good communication is the main ingredient in speeding up the time it takes to get your electronic device repaired. If a service has open channels of communication, such as an active website, phone number, and email address then hiring them is probably a good option. The faster and better they respond to you the first time, the more confident you can be that they will do a good job in fixing your problems as efficiently possible.

When choosing a tech support company, you need to make sure you are getting the company that cares the most about you and your needs. A service that offers convenience through remote work and also offers highly experienced professionals who are great at communicating is definitely your best bet.

Technology is vital for our daily tasks and electronic devices have become a need more than just a luxury. As the years have passed essential services like banking and shopping have shifted to primarily online activities. This makes everything highly convenient but it also poses its own dangers of getting hacked or compromising your personal information.

The cyber world can be a very dangerous place if you’re not careful and don’t take the proper precautions. If you really want to save yourself from getting virtually robbed then you need to keep a few factors in perspective.

1. Stay up to date

Keeping your computer up to date is probably the most important step you can take to ensure that nobody hacks it. You can download an antivirus, purchase it, or have professionals install the best antivirus on your computer. If you aren’t very good at keeping your computer up to date and managing your software, then contacting a tech support company such as Total Tech Care 360 is a smart choice. These companies are able to run all the proper scans and check everything for you to ensure everything is in working order and to make sure that the hackers cannot access your computer and personal data.

2. Confirm before you trust

Many people fall prey to emails and phone calls that sound like they are coming from a legitimate company. You might get an email from your bank saying that you have just received money, but you must verify whether it really is from your bank or whether it is a fraudulent email from a hacker who is trying to get access to your information. When in doubt, take extra precaution and call your bank to verify whether that email was really sent from them or not because the last thing you want is getting hacked.

Even phone calls can be fraudulent. If you are ever in doubt then you need to hang up and contact your real financial institution immediately to set up more security features.

3. Always sign out

Even if it’s your own home computer, you should make sure you sign out after you have finished using a website. This is particularly important for very private websites such as bank accounts and PayPal. Many people get attacked by hackers when they forget to sign out.

The importance of ensuring cyber security cannot be emphasized enough. You should always make sure that your computer is up to date with the latest antivirus software. Furthermore, you should only visit those websites or give those individuals access to your computer who you trust the most. Last but not least, you should make sure that you sign out of every account that you visit, especially highly personal accounts such as PayPal or bank accounts.

If you think that you are getting hacked or someone has compromised your personal information, please reach out to a computer specialist to protect your device and the proper authorities. You will have to contact the accounts in doubt, change passwords, update information in some cases even freeze the account. Total Tech Care 360 technicians can help with that.

It can be very difficult to survive the 21st century if you aren’t really good with technology. Technology is all around us and many of us wouldn’t be able to work or even get the most basic tasks done if we didn’t have access to computers.
Whenever a computer breaks down, many people will try to repair it themselves. This isn’t always the smartest idea because it can take a long time to make the repair when you have no idea what you are doing, contacting a tech support company will be a better option. Computers are highly complicated devices and when the keyboard suddenly stops working, or the antivirus fails then it can take hours to figure out what’s wrong if a person is trying to resolve the issue themselves.

Who Should I Call a Tech Support Company?

For those of us who are highly dependent on computers but are not very good at keeping them up to date and free of viruses, then contacting a tech support company is a great option. Tech support companies like Total Tech Care 360 are a great way for individuals who are not tech savvy to get their computers repaired by experts.

The stress of having to deal with a computer that suddenly stopped working can be almost too much to bear. With all the deadlines you have to meet, and all the work that needs to be done, every second counts. Tech support services can immediately help you fix your computer so that it’s back to normal again.

What can I do to keep my Computer Running Smoothly?

Getting professional help is definitely the best option that you can opt for. However, if you really want to avoid getting into such scenarios in the first place then you have to make sure that your computer is properly equipped beforehand. Many times a computer will slow down or start acting strangely if it has been infected with viruses. You need to make sure that you have the best antivirus software possible installed on your computer to prevent it from breaking down again.

You also need to take care of your computer physically. Make sure it’s in a safe place where it can’t fall over and where nothing can spill on it. Some people are just not good with technology and that’s perfectly okay. However everyone can take some basic precautions to ensure that their computer doesn’t run into any unexpected problems.

Just because you aren’t great with technology, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer endless hours trying to fix your computer yourself. The next time your computer breaks down, then calling in a tech care service is the best move you can make to save yourself the time and trouble of fixing it and ensure you get the right solutions you need.

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