Need Computer Training? We Can Help.

While younger generations may have no trouble understanding how to fix problems or can go online with ease, the older generation sometimes needs help. Asking family members can be embarrassing and may become aggravating for them after a while. At Total Tech Care 360, we don’t care how many times you contact us or how “small” you think the problem is. We are available to answer any questions and ensure that you feel comfortable with your device.

Some Computer Training Topics:

  • Understanding the hardware
  • Understanding the software
  • Learning about your OS
  • Navigating the OS
  • Creating/saving/deleting documents
  • Learning how to use the internet safely
  • Setting up/sending emails
  • Anything else you want to know

Our Friendly Technology Experts

Trust our experience.  Our Technology Experts who have years of experience in I.T. services.  We will work with you at your pace and level of experience.   From the novice just starting out or the moderate wanting to become an expert.  No mater your education level we can help.  We deal with computer issues everyday, all day and help others even buy computers, so we understand the ins and outs.


We provide various membership plans designed  for your technology needs that will take care of computer/device training, computer/device maintenance and help you fix problems when they arise.  To learn more about our membership plans click here.

Technology Trainings Made For You

Universities and online programs won’t be able to get into your computer and physically point the mouse where you need to go. They will give generalities that may not be easily understood or necessary. With us, you’ll learn exactly what to do for your PC or device. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to be safe while using the internet, how to send emails from some of the most popular email hosts and so much more.

We want to help you feel more comfortable with your devices and technology in general. Whether you’re a customer or not, please contact us so that we can start the process of helping you learn more.