Don’t Give Up When You’ve Got Computer Problems

As technology becomes more advanced, some people get left behind and get confused. They may have documented computer problems and not know where to turn for help or repairs. At Total Tech Care 360, we understand these frustrations and know we don’t like it when our computers don’t function properly. Therefore, we’ve come up with a solution to help. You can call on us any time for diagnosis and repair of any computer, laptop or device problem.

We can:

  • Fix Errors (Both Hardware and Software)
  • Resolve Issues with Compatibility
  • Stop Computers from Crashing
  • Find the Root Problem and Eliminate It

How It Works

Our experts can help you resolve almost any conflict or compatibility problem. Sometimes, when you hook up a new accessory, such as a keyboard or mouse, the computer doesn’t recognize it, which can cause problems. Likewise, when you install new software, it may not be appropriate for that operating system. We understand these problems and know how to fix them quickly so you can continue using your device.

We can do this by gaining remote access to your device through the Internet. You don’t have to do anything and can watch us maneuver through files and find the root of the problem. We can also update drivers and software, so there aren’t future compatibility issues.

Our Plan For You

You don’t have to throw away a perfectly good device just because it’s got a hiccup. While sometimes they do need to be replaced, in most cases, they just need to be repaired, optimized and tuned up. With our services and membership plans, you get what you need without being overcharged. To learn more about diagnosis and repair for computer and devices, please contact us today.