Error Codes Don’t Have To Give You A Headache

Whether you have the sound turned up on your computer or prefer to keep the sound off, you may still notice annoying popups that tell you that particular software or hardware doesn’t work. These are called error codes and are designed to show you what is wrong. However, some people don’t understand them or know how to fix them, which is where Total Tech Care 360 can help. We realize that Windows and other operating systems frequently encounter errors.

Some errors aren’t difficult to understand and fix, but many times, in-depth knowledge is necessary to know what to do. Doing something incorrect could lead to computer freezes, crashes, loss of information and a lot more, which is why we recommend calling us first.

Common Errors

We are familiar with all types of error codes, including those that are common and not so common. Some messages tell you that things are okay, but may look like an error code. These rarely need anything from you, but you may want to let us see the dialog box to determine if there’s a problem.

Others can include:

  • Access denied codes
  • Can’t find the file
  • Can’t find device
  • No connections allowed
  • Operations are pending
  • Port is open already
  • Invalid events
  • Devices and types don’t exist
  • Many others

In most cases, the hardware or software has been misconfigured or hasn’t been set up correctly or at all. In these instances, it is a simple fix on our end. However, sometimes, the error means something else or may take some probing to determine the problem. We’re experts at handling even the toughest code situations and are happy to help you. Contact us now to find out more or to schedule an appointment for service.