When you don’t understand something, it isn’t your fault. However, some people forget that and will make fun of you or make you feel stupid. You should never feel bad about not knowing something or wanting to learn. At Total Tech Care 360, we provide friendly support to you at all times. Whenever you call in about a problem, we will listen fully to your explanation. If you can’t explain it or we don’t understand, we can always remotely access your computer and find out what it is quickly and efficiently.

Total Support

We understand that senior citizens are at various stages of the learning process. Whether you are trying to learn as much as possible or just know how to turn on the machine and do a few basic things, we are available at your side. You can call us for any problem imaginable, whether it’s big or small. Our abilities can include:

  • Helping you figure out how to setup your email
  • Customizing your desktop to meet your needs
  • Removing unwanted or unneeded programs, files or documents from the device
  • Setting up a new printer
  • Helping you change passwords
  • Downloading programs or files necessary
  • Backing up your hard drive
  • Optimizing your computer so it runs faster
  • Upgrading/updating computers and their operating systems
  • Removing spyware/viruses
  • Setting up your virus protection

If that weren’t enough, you can also purchase computers, accessories and devices through us, making us a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Taking Care of Every Customer, Every Time

Technology can be frustrating sometimes.  You can trust us to be kind, patient and friendly with any technology needs you have.

Our technology specialists are professional and courteous, but most of all, friendly. They truly care about you and your needs and will do whatever it takes to fix the problem and make you happy. Contact Us today to learn more.