Thousands of Electronic Products for Your Technology Needs

Isn’t it nice to get all your technology needs at one place?  Well now you can!  With our wide variety of thousands of electronic products you can get everything you need all in a one stop shop.  You can find anything from new computers, tablets, printers and all the accessories you’ll need.

Have any question about finding the right product for you?  At Total Tech Care 360, we take some of the guesswork out of finding the right option for you. Feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our friendly Technology Experts in deciding what’s right for you.

Your Options

Deciding between a Desktop or a Laptop? Are laptop keyboards big enough or do you want to purchase a larger keyboard, possibly one that is ergonomically correct? These are the questions that can be forgotten, but still important. We understand that you may not know what you want or need, but we know which questions to ask to ensure you get the right machine in your hand or on your desk.

Remember that computers and devices are designed for various reasons. They can:

  • Have extra memory for game playing
  • Have wireless or Bluetooth options
  • Provide you with your own hot spot (WiFi) wherever you go
  • Come with additional accessories that you may not want/need
  • Be small and hand-held


While no one wants to think about the cost, it is part of the overall buying process. It doesn’t make sense to find the best option out there only to realize you can’t afford it. It may be best to wait to call us until you have a budget in place. We can, more than likely, help you find something suitable in any price range, but it’s necessary we know what to look for and what to ignore.

Brand Choices

It seems like a never-ending barrage of brands selling computers and accessories. You may have a favorite or may not, depending on how new you are to technology. We can help you choose which brand may be best for you by how you answer our questions. Most will come automatically with the software you require, but we can always help you find the software needed.

Get Support for Your Technology

Once you’ve bought the computer, whether through us or because of our advice, we can help you set everything up and customize your device to your liking, such as email clients, shortcuts, safe browsing tools, installation of business class security software, data backup and more. Contact us now to learn more.