How Total Tech Care 360 Works For You

Everyone has troubles sometimes when it comes to the internet or computers. However, for the older generations, it can be downright frustrating when you can’t get things to work. Relying on family members can be nice, but sometimes, it’s impossible or embarrassing. At Total Tech Care 360, we believe that everyone should have a friendly person to talk to and remote access to help.

What Remote Access Means

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could contact someone trustworthy, have them take over the computer and fix the problem? With remote access, it’s possible. We will remotely access your device and fix your problems or help you with whatever is upsetting you. You don’t have to unplug the device or take it to a shop, and the results are swift and reliable.

Your Options

Of course, you are welcome to call us and pay for our services on an as-needed basis. However, most people find that they require our help multiple times each month. Calling in and paying for one-time fees can be cumbersome and challenging, especially when you have a problem that must be fixed immediately. Therefore, you can rely on one of our customized membership plans to get you through the tough times without causing too much stress.

Total Protection

We consistently maintain and optimize your computer, all while fixing problems that you find throughout daily use. To do so, we:

  • Use toolbars to connect you with an advisor whenever a problem occurs
  • Provide tune-ups as part of your membership
  • Give excellent services and support

With the click of a button, you’ve got an advisor available. If no internet connection is available, you can always call and talk to a live person.

Our tune-ups extend your device’s life and keep it running quickly and efficiently. It is set at your schedule for a time when you don’t need to be on the computer. We connect remotely and run antivirus software, remove temporary files, clear histories and may even run defragment programs if available and necessary.

You’ll also have access to any services you require, such as optimization, fixing problems, setting up new printers and the like. To learn more about membership plans or to get help setting one up, contact us today.