Why Your Network Must Be Optimized And Setup Correctly

The network is essential for your daily use. Most systems are associated with corporations, but even individuals and families use a network to access the internet. In most cases, your internet service provider will be able to set everything up for you and may even configure your computer or device to accept the configurations. However, not all ISPs will do this, and you may be required to figure it out yourself, which is where Total Tech Care 360 comes in. We can help you determine whether you need a wired or wireless network, how many access points are required, and set up the password.

We can also:

  • Help you select the right network based on your system type and operating system
  • Set up a new network and configure it correctly
  • Verify your connectivity
  • Optimize everything so the computer runs efficiently and smoothly

How We Do This

We can remotely access your device, which allows us to take control of the computer for a short time. You are still able to see what’s going on and will still have access to all your files and programs when we’re done. However, we can go into the computer quickly and set everything up so that it runs correctly. You’ll be able to open the browser, access websites, and do everything you need to do.

We may ask you a few questions to determine how you’ll use the device most frequently. These questions can include whether you have a laptop, where you primarily use the device, if you’ll be moving it and need to be connected in every spot, etc. These will help us determine which setup you’re most likely to need, as well as optimization procedures that will help you achieve faster speeds and no hiccups. Contact us now to learn more.