Why You Need Optimization For Your Device

Let’s face it, computers start to run slower and slower every time you turn them on. It’s a typical reaction to all the work and processing they do, but it’s still annoying and can lead to more problems if not dealt with swiftly. Total Tech Care 360 is here to help, and we can ensure that your device is optimized. You’ll notice an increase in speed when opening files and browsers but will also see that the computer just runs better.

What You Get

When your software freezes, or you can’t seem to find files or folders, it may be time to consider optimization. Other signs can include low memory warnings, updating issues, poor performance and driver problems. We can help you by:

  • Monitoring all components
  • Disabling or changing graphics to reduce battery load
  • Delete unneeded/unwanted programs/files to help free up space
  • Change startup program options to speed up the boot process
  • Run diagnostic and tune-up tools for optimal speed and use
  • Schedule updates, either manually or automatically
  • Update memory and drivers
  • Optimize the browser and internet connections
  • Scan the computer for viruses/remove viruses and malware

The best part is that you don’t have to leave your home or drag your tower with you. Likewise, you don’t have to do anything but sit back and relax while we handle all the items mentioned above and more. Contact us today to learn more.

How It Works

We offer complete optimization and tune-up options for our customers anytime. We have regularly scheduled maintenance plans that will optimize and tune the device, so you never have to remember to request it.

It works by us using remote access to handle the device on your behalf. You’re still in control and can watch what we do, but we go in and do our work more quickly.