Total Tech Care 360 Is Committed To Excellence

Total Tech Care 360 Is Committed To Excellence

Our mission as your comprehensive computer support company is to provide excellent technology services and products at affordable prices all from one place.   We make it our mission to go above and beyond for the customer.   We eagerly focus on what our customers need and want, and then provide it. Our mission includes our commitment to excellence. We live by the following:

  • Seeing The Good
  • Understanding The Risk Of Failure And Taking Steps To Prevent It
  • Working Hard For You
  • Expanding Ours And Your Horizons
  • Being Passionate And Consistent
  • Staying In Balance
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Get Your Feedback

The points above help us to ensure that we are always providing the best service possible to all of our customers at all times.

Whether you have a problem with your phone or difficulty setting up an entire network of computers, Total Tech Care 360 can diagnose and repair your issue!

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See The Good

Our goal is to see the good in everything we do. We only want to do what our customers want us to do, which includes giving advice about different computer options, offering reliable products, providing services that can help anyone, and do our best at all times.

Preventing Failure

Everyone working for us is human and will invariably make mistakes. However, we don’t look at mistakes as failures and are willing to go back in, find the error and fix it, however many times it takes for you to be satisfied.


Expanding Horizons

We don’t want to sell you products and services that you can’t use and understand. Therefore, we’re willing to take the time to train you on how to use the computer correctly, what to do in case of a small problem and be there when significant problems arise that you need help figuring out. Our computer training helps you understand how to open and close documents, how to surf the web and do the things you need to do.


We provide a balance between doing it yourself and getting help. We understand that you want to feel self-sufficient. We teach you various tips and tricks and can remind you when it’s time to do maintenance on the computer. However, we also know that when a problem arises, you want help immediately and strive to provide it.


While we always hope we’re doing everything right, we know that we must hear from you and find out. Feel free to Contact Us anytime to leave feedback or to ask questions.