Why You Should Choose Total Tech Care 360

Having a computer is almost a necessity in this modern age, but what happens if you don’t know how to use it or which one is right for you? At Total Tech Care 360, our goal is to get you the right computer at the right price. However, we don’t just help you buy computers and laptops, but we can also provide advice, tips, and fix problems that arise.

Advice Options

Whether you have a problem with your email or printer, we can help you. We can remotely go into your computer and fix the problem, or we can talk you through it if you want to be more technologically adventurous. We can provide advice on which equipment you’ll need based on what you tell us you want from it.

For example, if you want to use the computer primarily for bills, we’ll ensure that you have the best virus and malware protection available. If you want something for gaming, we’ll help you find one with a bigger processor and more memory or better graphics.


We understand that not everyone knows the helpful shortcuts. We can help you set them up using the keys you feel most comfortable with and help you determine which ones you’ll need. Plus, if you ever decide you want a different or new shortcut tip, we’ll be there to help again.

However, we also provide you with extra special tips to keep your computer running smoothly. Whether it’s about time for a tune up or reminding you to run your antivirus program, we’re here to help.

Our Services

Our services can include:

  • Optimization
  • Online Backups
  • Browser Help
  • Error Codes
  • Virus Protection
  • Tune Ups
  • Help with USBs
  • Customization Help
  • So Much More

If for any reason, your computer gets slower within that week or the online backup still gives problems, we will fix it. Contact us today to learn more.